C Squared
Researching, modeling, & visualizing the unique way creative brains organize visual media in their mind

Product Manager & Designer

Digital Media Thesis, 2020-2021

Tools Used
After Effects, Cinema 4D, Figma, Invision, Balsamiq, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Keynote

Product Design, UX Research, Web App Development

The Project

How can we create digital spaces that organize visual media in accordance with the creative mind’s network of associations?

An interactive multidimensional web app that organizes inspiration with the creative brain in mind.

Spoiler: the combination of the creative & the analytical

User Research Findings & Personas

Duration — 2 weeks

wants + Needs
→ To be able to read articles online without withholding belief
→ To know the context of what they are reading without having to devote significant time researching

→ Having to spend time fact-checking online articles
→ Being bombarded by popups while browsing
→ Having neither the time nor patience to deep dive on a complicated subject

→ Feeling in-the-know about current events
→ Ability to form an informed opinion
→ Desire to connect with others on news topics
→ Strive for impact and understanding


June 2020 — Focusing on user research, product design & data visualization

02  My design tenants

Thanks for taking the time!

A little background

I'm a product designer with a love for asking big questions and putting myself in other people's shoes. I am drawn to areas of ambiguity and balance a strong creative intuition with a profound love of analysis, decomposition, & linear thinking. Coming from a background in visual storytelling, I found product design to do something previously unfounded for me; it engaged and energized both my creative and analytical brains...simultaneously.

Personal design tenants

Curiosity. Has the problem been met with inquiry & been questioned consistently?

Effectivity. Does the design meet the user's needs in the most easy to understand way?

Flow. Does the experience allow users to be content in their current moment?

Awareness. Does the design promote the best in people?

Design Process

A natural systems thinker, I gravitate towards iterative creativity and IDEO's design thinking principles. I whip out the post-its and spreadsheets whenever I can and thrive in oscillating between big picture thinking and detailed pixel pushing. The combination of research, collaboration, and iteration offers me a sense of purpose and intention.

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