Last updated Nov 3rd, 2022

What's this? Good question! These are a few questions that I find particularly interesting and have been actively collecting ideas on. Always appreciate pointers to relevant work — :-)

  • What made the most innovative imagination development/research labs (Xerox PARC, Bell Labs, MIT Media Lab, etc) successful?
    See playgrounds.

  • How do we re-train people to appreciate and crave the high-density urban lifestyle that we need to adopt in order to keep our planet afloat?
    See high density cities are beautiful.

  • Is now finally the time that generalist visual programming will stick?
    See visual programming.

  • What would a true 'personal' computer look like — both functionally and aesthetically? Similarly, what would a fidget-able writing tool look like?
    See do you compute?

  • What is the history and legacy of the lisp programming language?
    See lisp.


  • Mindstorms
Curious for more? Further playlists of ideas can be found on my